Gorgeous Wall Art: 27 Bedroom Wall Decor Above Bed Vintage Style Ideas

Discover the charm and allure of vintage-style wall art above the bed, a trend that not only enhances the beauty of your sleeping quarters but also tells a story. Each curated piece brings a unique historical touch, blending seamlessly with modern comforts to create a space that feels both timeless and inviting. Let’s explore various inspirations to transform your bedroom into a nostalgic haven, filled with character and style.

Elegant Monochrome Flora

This sophisticated bedroom showcases a monochrome theme that brings out the elegance of floral artwork. A trio of large black and white floral prints hangs above the bed, featuring detailed botanical illustrations that evoke a sense of calm and serenity. The grey walls and dark furnishings provide a dramatic backdrop, allowing the white floral accents to stand out strikingly. This setup is perfect for those who appreciate the simplicity and timeless elegance of monochromatic decor.

Colorful Abstract Harmony

Step into a vibrant world with this bedroom’s wall decor, featuring a colorful array of abstract paintings. Each frame introduces a playful mix of shapes and hues, inviting creativity and inspiration. Positioned above the bed, these artworks become the focal point of the room, complementing the lively patterns on the bedding and the rich, earthy tones of the furniture. This arrangement is ideal for art lovers who enjoy a burst of color and energy in their personal space.

Classic Gallery Wall

A classic approach to vintage-style decor, this bedroom features a gallery wall filled with a variety of framed artworks and photographs above a traditional green checkered headboard. The diverse collection includes classical paintings, vintage photos, and modern illustrations, creating a rich tapestry of artistic expressions. This eclectic mix not only personalizes the space but also makes it feel like a living museum of personal history and taste.

Bohemian Rhapsody

In this bohemian-style bedroom, the wall above the bed is adorned with an assortment of vintage frames and mirrors, creating a fascinating visual array that reflects a free-spirited aesthetic. Each piece tells its own story, from ornate golden frames to simpler, rustic designs, all surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant textiles. This setup is a haven for those who find beauty in the unconventional and seek to create a space that feels both personal and artistically eclectic.

Minimalist and Modern

A testament to the saying that less is more, this bedroom pairs a sleek, modern look with minimalist art. The wall above the bed features simple yet impactful artwork, characterized by neutral tones and subtle textures that evoke calm and focus. This design choice complements the clean lines and earthy colors of the room, making it ideal for those who appreciate modern minimalism with a touch of artistic flair.

Lively Eclectic Mix

Embrace the joy of mixing and matching with this lively bedroom decor. The wall above the bed is a colorful gallery of framed artworks that range from botanical prints to vibrant abstract pieces. This playful arrangement brings a dynamic energy to the room, enhanced by the floral bedding and bright, textured pillows. It’s a perfect example of how varied art styles can coexist harmoniously, bringing life and color to any space.

Celestial Inspiration

Imagine drifting off to sleep under a star-filled sky. This bedroom achieves just that with a stunning celestial mural above the bed. The mural features a deep blue backdrop with golden accents that mimic the night sky, complemented by modern lighting that hangs like stars. This dreamy decor is perfect for stargazers and dreamers alike, offering a tranquil escape at the end of the day.

Rustic Charm

For those who love the rustic look, this bedroom offers a warm and inviting atmosphere with its reclaimed wood paneling above the bed. The varied tones and textures of the wood are paired with simple, framed art pieces that add a modern touch to the rustic base. This blend of old and new creates a cozy, comfortable environment that’s perfect for unwinding.

Modern Artistic Flair

Bold and expressive, this bedroom features modern graphic art above the bed that captures attention with its vibrant colors and compelling compositions. The stark black wall serves as a powerful canvas for the vivid artworks, making them pop. This design is suited for those who appreciate contemporary art and want to make a statement in their space.

Playful and Personal

A whimsical take on vintage style, this bedroom’s decor features a playful arrangement of colorful frames and quirky objects. Each piece adds a personal touch, reflecting the owner’s personality and tastes. The eclectic collection makes the room feel truly one-of-a-kind, showcasing a playful approach to traditional decor.

Timeless Floral Elegance

Step into a serene oasis where vintage charm meets botanical beauty. This bedroom features a striking wall adorned with a lush floral wallpaper that captures the essence of a blooming garden. The rich greens and vibrant reds of the flowers set against a dark backdrop create a dramatic yet comforting retreat. Above the wooden nightstand, a modern gold wall lamp casts a warm glow, enhancing the intricate floral patterns and providing a perfect reading light. This setting is ideal for those who appreciate the tranquility of nature and the elegance of vintage design, creating a harmonious blend of old and new.

Bold and Dramatic Reds

Vivid and passionate, this bedroom utilizes bold reds to create a dramatic statement. The deep red wall serves as a powerful backdrop for a velvet, tufted headboard in a matching shade, exuding luxury and warmth. This vibrant setting is accented with soft pink and burgundy bedding, creating a rich, sensory texture that invites relaxation. A modern, quirky light fixture adds a contemporary twist to the vintage feel, making the space feel both inviting and stylish. Ideal for those who love to make a statement with color and texture, this bedroom is a testament to bold, confident styling.

Modern Monochrome Chic

Sleek and sophisticated, this bedroom showcases a contemporary approach to vintage style with its monochrome palette and structured decor. Above the bed, a series of framed abstract artworks in black and white adds an artistic touch to the gray wall, complemented by minimalist hanging pendants. This clean, restrained decor approach allows for a peaceful yet stylish ambiance, perfect for those who love a modern aesthetic with a hint of vintage charm through the artwork.

Eclectic Artistry

This vibrant bedroom bursts with color and eclectic design elements, creating a lively and inviting atmosphere. The wall is adorned with a bold geometric wallpaper that plays with shades of orange and pink, providing a dynamic backdrop to the plush green velvet headboard. Flanked by patterned armchairs and adorned with quirky art pieces, this room is a feast for the eyes, ideal for those who embrace bold patterns and vibrant colors in their living spaces.

Rustic Farmhouse Charm

Embrace the rustic farmhouse charm with this cozy bedroom that combines vintage elegance with country simplicity. The wall above the bed features a wooden ladder turned into a unique shelf, holding framed botanical prints and small, rustic decor items. Below, hanging plant shelves add a touch of greenery, enhancing the natural, laid-back style of the room. This setup, with its earthy tones and simple, natural materials, provides a tranquil retreat that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Minimalist Natural Harmony

This bedroom exemplifies minimalism with its clean lines and a calming neutral palette. A single framed botanical print hangs above the bed, adding a subtle touch of nature to the space. The room is bathed in natural light, accentuating the soft textures and organic materials used throughout, from the linen bedding to the woven rugs and baskets. This peaceful, airy space is perfect for those who seek a tranquil escape with minimal distractions, allowing the simplicity of the design to promote relaxation and serenity.

Classic Botanical Gallery

This bedroom combines classic elegance with a botanical theme, featuring a series of framed botanical prints arranged symmetrically above the bed. The soft green headboard adds a touch of color that complements the natural theme, while traditional furniture pieces like the dark wood nightstands bring a sense of time-honored style. This design is ideal for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and the classic charm of vintage-inspired interiors.

Creative Cultural Fusion

A rich tapestry of cultural influences, this bedroom features a stunning collection of wall hangings and decor items that reflect a global aesthetic. From the circular woven wall art to the vibrant, patterned textiles, each element in the room tells a story of far-off places and artisanal craftsmanship. This space is a sanctuary for those who collect and cherish unique items from around the world, offering a warm, inviting atmosphere filled with stories and memories.

Cozy Cuddle Corner

The warmth of this bedroom is accentuated by a rustic wooden shelf above the bed, displaying whimsical signs like “let’s cuddle,” framed by vintage candle sconces. Fluffy pillows and richly patterned textiles add layers of comfort and charm, creating a cozy, inviting space that beckons for relaxed, heartfelt moments. This setting is perfect for couples who love to surround themselves with reminders of love and comfort in their most intimate space.

Bohemian Bliss

Step into a bohemian paradise where every corner is filled with eye-catching textures and vibrant colors. The bedroom features an array of wall hangings, including intricate mandala designs and beaded decorations, creating a visually stimulating environment. The bed is dressed in earthy tones and surrounded by plants and eclectic furniture, emphasizing a free-spirited and relaxed vibe. This room is a haven for those who love a carefree lifestyle and a decor that reflects their adventurous spirit.

Sophisticated Golden Accents

Experience understated elegance in this tranquil bedroom where simplicity meets opulence. A subtle sage wall pairs beautifully with the chocolate brown headboard, creating a soothing backdrop. The real showstopper is the golden sunburst mirror above the bed, adding a touch of glamour and reflecting light around the room. Gold-accented pillows on crisp white linens complete this chic and polished look, perfect for those who seek a quiet, refined space to unwind.

Dark Floral Drama

This bedroom exudes a dramatic flair with its stunning, large-scale floral wallpaper in dark hues. The contrast of bright flowers against a black background creates an immersive, bold statement piece. A simple bedside setup with a modern lamp and minimalist furniture allows the intricate wallpaper to take center stage, enhancing the room’s luxurious and contemporary vibe. Ideal for those who love to blend modern design with striking vintage elements.

Enchanted Botanical Retreat

Nestled under a graceful arched ceiling, this bedroom features a mesmerizing, large-scale botanical wallpaper that brings the lush beauty of a mystical forest indoors. Paired with a plush grey headboard and matching bedding, the room exudes an air of serene opulence. Elegant bedside lamps and deep green accents complement the enchanting wallpaper, creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere perfect for relaxation and peaceful slumber.

Classic Library Elegance

Rich in texture and classic appeal, this bedroom resembles a private library with its dark wood bookshelves filled with books and treasures. The deep chocolate walls and traditional furniture, including a vintage-style bed and ornate bedside lamps, evoke a sense of timelessness and comfort. This space is ideal for those who cherish quiet evenings spent reading and the sophisticated charm of old-world interiors.

Avian Artistry

Dive into a world of avian wonder with this unique bedroom, where a large mural depicting exotic birds in a fantastical garden transforms the space into a living artwork. The muted colors of the bed and furnishings allow the vivid details of the mural to stand out, creating a breathtaking focal point. This bedroom is perfect for those who appreciate art and nature, offering a daily escape into a magical, bird-filled paradise.

Eclectic Botanical Gallery

Vibrant and full of life, this bedroom features a stunning teal backdrop that highlights a diverse array of botanical and naturalist art. The ornate wooden headboard adds a vintage touch, complementing the eclectic art collection. Each piece’s unique frame and subject matter invite the viewer to explore the natural world in style. This setting is wonderfully suited for those who love a dynamic, inspired space filled with color and character.

Gallery of Curiosities

Embrace the charm of a bygone era in this bedroom, adorned with a gallery wall of varied framed prints and artifacts. The neutral palette of the room, highlighted by vintage furniture and soft lighting, allows the intricate details of each framed piece to shine. This space is a treasure trove of art and history, perfect for those who love to surround themselves with inspiring and eclectic decor.

Each of these bedrooms tells its own story through carefully chosen wall art, proving that above-bed decor can transform a room from merely functional to fabulously stylish. Whether you prefer the stark elegance of monochrome botanicals or the vibrant energy of mixed media art, there’s a vintage style to suit every preference.

So why not start reimagining your own space today?

Share your thoughts or post your inspirations on social networks, and maybe even save a photo or two to Pinterest for future projects!

Top 21 Stunning Vintage Bedroom Styles to Inspire Your Home Decor
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